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Yoga Class with Laura Kay!

Let’s get started! I am honored to be in your home. When yoga is given away for free, it is a clear message that is it of no value. Decades of study and travel went into my extensive yoga teacher trainings, and your generous donation, no matter how big, or small, via CASHAPP will go to fund my life-sustaining medicine for my congenital condition (real in my blog for what that is). My medical costs are large, with no health-insurance, so please know that this is not for profit, it’s for the meds I need to survive, so that I continue to serve others. You will receive a password to access the online classes upon CASHAPP receipt. Thank you. I am forever grateful for you. These classes were made intentionally with LOVE and you will feel that come across, straight to you. Enjoy.


Build Your Back Strength with Laura Kay! 


Happy Hips Yoga Class with Laura Kay!


Happy Hamstrings Yoga Class with Laura Kay!


Empowering Handstands Yoga Class with & without Assist!