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I am putting the property on the market. It was a humiliating, humbling act to do a go-fund-me page – I thought it was only for the desperate, the non-proud. I do not see selling my property as failure at all (well, I still need a buyer), I see it as moving onto the NEXT CHAPTER of my life. That the words “next chapter” are even flowing from my fingertips is the most OPTIMISTIC thing that has occurred to me in....I don't know how long, really. Thank you for believing in me, and reminding me of the tenacity of the human spirit. Until I find a buyer, I DO plan to be fully operational, functional and teaching eight-classes per week, to make the most of what is left of this chapter. I do hope you join me in this movement of hope. No more stagnant inertia....time to move forward. Grateful for this gift of life, grateful for your support.

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A Piercing Where The Light Gets In

I just found out that my Instagram account BANNED the video attached to this blog! Perfect poetry in that, the exact reason that, much influential to me, Mapplethorpe, got his photography banned. Apparently it provoked someone enough to be up in arms about the human body. This is the POWER of being the Mistress of my own web-domain, and independence afforded by being my own boss. Here I freely offer you exclusive viewing of this so-called offensive video - enjoy. It's just me in my natural element, celibate, and sensuous surrounded by nature. Please by all means read the heart-felt, tears-inducing, raw, open, authentic, courageous, vulnerable article that precedes the video - now THAT is true intimacy. Thank you. In all love and respect.

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Yep, I'm Gay

As a person who is in a constant state of recovery from a concussion, an extremely-near-death experience, addiction to alcohol, and mental illness, I felt my right brain was fully lit-up for ten weeks after the Awakening. Perhaps I was just happy to be alive after the psychotic break. After ten weeks, I could feel a balance shifting, depression returning, left-brain impatiently and angrily demanding attention. I had to figure out why and how this was happening and how I could balance it, and as soon as I realized that I need to come out of the closet, not just to myself, but publicly, as lesbian, the depression lifted, and there seems to be a current balance of left and right brain. I am still lightly medicated, make no mistake, but seem to have achieved a really steady balance. I am bipolar, so a steady balance is something I must monitor and regulate closely and carefully.

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