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LSD and Me - Milestones - Turning 50

Psychedelic therapy, in controlled, loving, safe, beautiful environment can be so therapeutic (not recreational). It had been over a year since I tripped, but after the mania of my 50th birthday, depression and PTSD hit so hard I felt the call for some jungle island psychedelic therapy, which is like hitting a “reset” button on the brain. So grateful for my respectful, compassionate guide this past weekend. After hours, of staring at the palm trees with tropical birds, me being cradled in a couch and snuggling a pillow for hours, I then culminated by I dancing out “Abbey Road” while watching Caribbean waves crash to the golden beach below. By then I was ready to get home to my own bed and cats in Bocas Town, just 8 miles away, yet a world away. Tripping feels like a weight has been released, relieved. Reset back to myself again, myself that only knew of beauty and love in this world, before trauma set in. I can breathe again.

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