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LSD and Me - Milestones - Turning 50

Psychedelic therapy, in controlled, loving, safe, beautiful environment can be so therapeutic (not recreational). It had been over a year since I tripped, but after the mania of my 50th birthday, depression and PTSD hit so hard I felt the call for some jungle island psychedelic therapy, which is like hitting a “reset” button on the brain. So grateful for my respectful, compassionate guide this past weekend. After hours, of staring at the palm trees with tropical birds, me being cradled in a couch and snuggling a pillow for hours, I then culminated by I dancing out “Abbey Road” while watching Caribbean waves crash to the golden beach below. By then I was ready to get home to my own bed and cats in Bocas Town, just 8 miles away, yet a world away. Tripping feels like a weight has been released, relieved. Reset back to myself again, myself that only knew of beauty and love in this world, before trauma set in. I can breathe again.

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A Piercing Where The Light Gets In

I just found out that my Instagram account BANNED the video attached to this blog! Perfect poetry in that, the exact reason that, much influential to me, Mapplethorpe, got his photography banned. Apparently it provoked someone enough to be up in arms about the human body. This is the POWER of being the Mistress of my own web-domain, and independence afforded by being my own boss. Here I freely offer you exclusive viewing of this so-called offensive video - enjoy. It's just me in my natural element, celibate, and sensuous surrounded by nature. Please by all means read the heart-felt, tears-inducing, raw, open, authentic, courageous, vulnerable article that precedes the video - now THAT is true intimacy. Thank you. In all love and respect.

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